In 2016 the Dr. James Still Historic Office Site and Education Site received a grant from the New Jersey Historical Commission to begin an archaeological study of the Dr. Still's home. Dr. Still home was torn down sometime around 1932. The archaeological study was named the Dr. James Still Community Archaeology Project and was managed by Marc Lorenc, R.P. A the Project Director. Mr. Lorenc is a PhD candidate at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Mr. Lorenc believed community outreach was very important in order to make the project a success. So before beginning the actual field school he held several community discussions. The discussions focused on introducing archaeological theory and method and how it is applicable to historical sites. A geophysical survey under the expertise of Dr. Tim Horsley was conducted. The survey consisted of collecting ground penetrating radar, soil resistivity, and magnetometry data. The collection of data was open to the public with numerous visitors dropping by and asking questions about the process.  

The archaeological field schools during the summers of 2016 and 2017 excavated several artifacts with the help of a number of professional archaeologists and volunteers. The project was able to garner a diverse community ranging in age, gender, class, and race. In addition, the project garnered the attention of people outside of Medford, NJ creating an opportunity for those in New Jersey to gain experience at the site. 

In 2018, Mr. Lorenc is working on cleaning, documenting and cataloging all the discovered artifacts. He is also currently working on completing his requirements for his doctorate. We look forward to restarting the field school in the summer of 2019 after he receives his doctorate in Archaeology.  

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