Donations for the RESTORATION for Dr. Still's Historic Office need to be sent to:

Dave Robbins
Superintendent, Dr. James Still Historic Site
Brendan T. Byrne State Forest
P.O. Box # 215
New Lisbon, New Jersey 08064
A Check or Cashiers Check needs to be written out to Treasurer, State of New Jersey.

Donations to help support the EDUCATION Center can be done by mail or clicking on link below 

Dr. James Still Education Center
Medford Historical Society
PO Box 362
Medford, NJ 08055

In 2006 the State of New Jersey purchased Dr. James Still Office for the purpose of historic restoration.  The process has been hinder with diversion of state funds to  Hurricane Sandy Relief.  In 2009 a preservation plan was developed and all identified hazard materials has since been removed.  In 2016 the site was placed on Preservation New Jersey 10 most endangered historic sites.  We the advisory committee continue to meet and work with NJ DEP State Parks and Recreation officials in order to keep this site on their radar.  We recognize that it will take more then just pressure on  state officials but historic grants,  corporate and individual  sponsorship will be needed to preserve this historic site. 

We are committed to see this project to finish.  We encourage  individuals to donate, contact their corporations, contact their state representatives and tell them about Dr. James Still and the need to preserve this site for generations to come. 

The 2009 Preservation Plan estimated $600K dollars in  order to preserve and restore.  Now 2018 that cost estimate has increased to  $800K.  

We need your help in order to preserve Dr. Still legacy and this historic site!

Below are instructions and links in order to make a charitable contribution.